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What can you do after a DUI accident?

Most drivers in Texas dread the thought of being involved in an accident. Aside from the potential damage to your vehicle and cost of repairs, there is also the chance that you or your loved ones may be seriously injured. Sadly, road accidents are all too common and the results are often devastating for all involved. Weather conditions, vehicle malfunctions and problems with the road surface can all contribute to such incidents. However, many crashes are caused by driver negligence or irresponsibility.

Drunk driving deaths: How bad are the numbers?

It’s no profound statement to say that the invention of the car changed this country in countless ways. Automobiles allowed us to spread out to the suburbs. They gave us a sense of freedom that plays into our American heritage. They also allowed us to move things with relative ease. Because of this, we rely on them perhaps more than any other country in the world, taking 233 billion trips per year in our vehicles.

Children injured riding atop car of allegedly intoxicated woman

Sometimes in Texas, you come across traffic incidents that just make you scratch your head. More often than not, they involve intoxicated drivers doing foolish and dangerous things that no reasonable person would ever do. The resulting drunk driving accidents are often tragic and sometimes involve innocent victims.

Texas police arrest senator for suspected drunk driving

It’s a sad fact that people die needlessly. It’s also a sad fact that drunk driving accidents take lives indiscriminately—there’s no accounting for age, sex or social status. By the same token, drunk drivers come in all forms—young, old, rich or poor, getting behind the wheel while intoxicated seems to have no social boundaries.

Retired Texas police officer killed in suspected DUI accident

With the high volume of traffic on the roads, drivers need to be alert and focused at all times. Even then, they can run into trouble. When someone on the road is intoxicated, they are unable to respond as well as they might need to, posing a threat to themselves and others. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are not uncommon. One such case was suspected in Texas recently.

Nine, no, make it ten times and out?

A man pled guilty to his ninth DWI charge last week and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Unfortunately, he will be eligible for parole in seven-and-a-half-years, but the Assistant District Attorney noted that he hoped the man be in for a "long time." The latest DWI charge occurred in September of 2011, when a Montgomery County sheriff's deputy observed the man's pickup weaving across the road into oncoming traffic.

Galveston bar sued for $1 million in deadly car accident

A bar in Galveston that allegedly sold alcohol to a patron who was obviously intoxicated has been sued for $1 million in damages for the death of a 34-year-old women who was killed as she and her boyfriend walked along the seawall.

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