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Deadly crash kills young woman in Texas

When collisions occur on the busy roads of Texas, the consequences are often devastating. In some cases, a large number of vehicles can become embroiled in such accidents, often resulting in widespread damage, serious injuries and even fatalities. Worse still, many of the victims in these incidents are people who played no part in causing the crash to occur. Yet, despite being innocent bystanders, their lives can be turned upside down.

Dangerous drivers put you and all other road users at risk

Nothing can compare to the experience of losing a loved one. Sadly, it is something that many inhabitants of Texas have to live with. Every day, countless lives are lost in accidents throughout the state. Worse still, many of these are preventable incidents, brought about by the negligence or irresponsible action of others. This is especially the case on the roads, where people regularly get behind the wheel of a car despite not being in a fit state to do so.

Bus crash claims lives of 4 young softball players

It is a sad fact that every time you venture onto the roads, you effectively take your life into your hands. One negligent driver can be all it takes for disaster to occur and the consequences can be dire. Motor vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries for all concerned and in many cases they cost lives. One such fatal accident tragically befell a bus carrying a softball team from North Central Texas College.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: how common are they?

Cars have become an inextricable part of our daily lives, especially here in America. We use them for nearly everything, from carting the children to and from school to picking up the groceries and doing our daily commute. They are such an essential part of our routine, in fact that we tend to forget what a dangerous endeavor we are undertaking when we get behind the wheel. However, the fact remains: unless you’re a professional skydiver, driving a car is probably the most dangerous thing you do every day. 

Texas man arrested after fatal road rage incident

When someone causes a crash that takes a person’s life, there are two ways to seek justice; the criminal courts and the civil courts. Criminal courts determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant and sentence him or her to fines, probation or jail time. What it doesn’t do is offer any compensation to the loved ones of the victim.

Houston semi-truck crash takes life of SUV driver

Every day, motorists drive side-by-side with commercial semi-trucks on roads throughout Texas. Although many operators of these trucks are well-trained, responsible drivers, truck accidents still happen with devastating consequences. Unfortunately, occupants of passenger vehicles involved in these crashes often pay an immense physical price.

Passenger killed in multi-vehicle accident in Texas

In the wake of fatal auto accidents, grieving families are often left with many questions but very few answers. For example, if a passenger dies in a crash that appears to have been caused by the driver, the family of the deceased may struggle with the question of liability. Who will cover the cost of funeral expenses, medical bills and any lost wages resulting from the fatal accident?

Passenger killed in Texas car chase

At one time, you may have told a loved one that you aren't worried about his or her driving, but you are worried about the actions of other drivers. This concern also applies when a loved one is a passenger in a reckless driver's vehicle.  That appears to have been the reality for a young woman who was recently killed in Travis County.

Teen killed in multi-collision hit and run in a Harris County

Do you remember when you were still getting your driver's license? You needed to pass the written and practical driving tests first before you received legal driving privileges. These tests are not only given to make sure that you have knowledge of the rules and regulations of driving, but also to ensure that you become a responsible driver in case you get involved in a car accident.

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