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You just have a headache, right? It could be more than that

The human brain remains an enigma to many scientists. This remarkable piece of engineering defines the human race and its achievements. As if to balance all of its power, the brain's delicate structure makes it vulnerable to injury. Car accidents, falls or blows to the head with an object could damage your brain and cause you a variety of medical problems that could last for months or the rest of your life.

Be careful to whom you lend your vehicle

Most drivers in Texas are quite fond of their vehicles and do their best to keep them in good condition. As such, it can be extremely upsetting if you lend your car to a friend or family member and they end up damaging it. Not only might you be left with the cost and hassle of repairing your vehicle, depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may even be held liable for other damages.

You should not have to suffer for others? irresponsible driving

Many drivers in Texas are very comfortable with their local roads. For some, they are the only roads they ever drive and they do so every day. While this means that they are aware of the area's layout and know what to expect, it can also mean that they become complacent. So much so that an unexpected event or something out of place on their route can throw them off completely.

Be prepared to claim if another driver causes you to crash

The roads of Texas are used by a huge number of truck drivers every year. Often these drivers have had to travel long distances in unfamiliar territory and potentially unfavorable weather conditions. They may be fatigued and their loads can be heavy and even hazardous. It is a huge amount of responsibility, so truck drivers are often held to higher driving standards. Unfortunately, they do not always meet these standards.

Many of your expenses could be covered by a successful claim

For drivers in Texas, the thought of being involved in an accident is an upsetting one. Aside from the risk of serious injury or worse, you could also be faced with hefty bills in the wake of the incident. Medical expenses, repair bills, time off work, it all adds up. On top of that, the trauma of the accident might affect your productivity and your ability to support your family. Fortunately, you may be able to claim compensation for these things and ease the financial burden of your experience.

Trucks are subject to maximum weight restrictions

The roads of Texas are constantly busy, as people rush about their daily business. Most drive with care and attention to those around them, but some are too careless, too distracted or simply in too much of a hurry. Unfortunately, the consequence of this is often a serious accident, causing severe injuries and even costing lives. Furthermore, the volume of trucks on the roads of Texas means that these large vehicles are also often involved in such collisions.

Who could be liable in the event of a commercial truck accident?

Commercial truck accidents can be severe and devastating. These vehicles can often be very large, with potentially hazardous loads. If one crashes, not only does it cover a wide area, it can also do a lot of damage, simply as a result of its weight and the difficulty of maneuvering it if it runs into trouble. However, as is the case in any accident, if you are involved in a truck crash, the cause of that crash will need to be determined. This can affect the legal repercussions of the accident as well as your eligibility for compensation.

Authorities looking into truck safety after comedian's crash

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably seen the headlines that comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was involved in a severe accident. According to reports, the driver of a semi truck didn’t see that traffic ahead of him had slowed. When he noticed, it was too late. He swerved, but still ended up rear ending Morgan’s limo, which ultimately landed on its side.

Texas multiple-car accident leaves one woman dead

Five vehicles were recently involved in what is being called a wrong-way traffic crash in Texas. One woman died from injuries suffered in the accident. Five other people are reported to have been hurt due to this car accident. One of the individuals injured in the collision includes the driver of the van alleged to have caused the accident.

Texas truck accident and fire stalls traffic

Traffic near the Richardson-Plano border was stalled recently when a big rig was involved in an accident on U.S. Highway 75 in Texas. The truck accident involved only the one truck, but resulted in the truck catching on fire. When crews arrived they could not immediately find the driver, but then later discovered he had self-extricated. The oil being carried by the truck was cleaned up by crews and the process included having to dismantle the truck.

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