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Fatigue and driving a big rig do not mix

Like many other Houston drivers, looking out your window or rear view mirror and seeing an 18-wheeler makes you a bit nervous. These mammoth vehicles intimidate many people in small vehicles, and if they knew that the driver failed to get the proper rest before getting behind the wheel, that nervousness would turn to fear. 

Is jackknifing always a result of the driver's negligence?

While driving any vehicle, you are at risk of being involved in an accident. You may pay attention and follow the laws of the road, but that doesn't mean everyone else is doing the same thing. Even people who you'd expect to be careful drivers, like truck drivers, can find themselves at fault for an accident that injures or kills another driver on the road.

Why certain compensation systems can cause accidents

It is expected of every driver who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle that they make smart decisions and follow the laws of the road. Many people live up to this expectation and are never negligent, but there are others who fail to do what they need to do to avoid an accident. This may happen for many reasons, but when it comes to truck drivers, it could be the compensation system their employer has in place.

What should drivers avoid when near a truck?

Truck accidents are a scary experience. Trucks are large and heavy, if you are involved in a truck accident, you are lucky to walk away with your life. Often, those who survive a truck accident are still injured in some way. They may want to blame the truck driver for their injuries, but in some cases, it has been another driver's actions, not the truck driver's, that has caused the accident.

Giving trucks plenty of room can help prevent accidents

It's no secret that semi trucks are much larger than standard passenger vehicles. Because of this size differential, it is wise to give big rigs plenty of room when on the road. And on its website, American Trucking Associations gives specific suggestions on how to drive in proximity to trucks.

Truck drivers may be unknowingly damaging tires

Since federal regulations limit the number of hours truck drivers can spend behind the wheel during shifts, it stands to reason that they would want to cover as much ground as possible before stopping. On some Texas highways, trucks are permitted to travel as fast as 85 mph. While such a high rate of speed may help trucker drivers arrive at their destinations sooner, it also poses a very real danger.

Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring their cargo is secure

When driving on the highways in and around Houston, you will at some point find yourself in proximity to big-rig trucks. In fact, the truck traffic is such that it's easy to find yourself surrounded by these super-sized vehicles. Of course, your first concern will likely be avoiding a collision, but there are other potential hazards to watch out for when driving near trucks.

Texting truck drivers can be held liable for accidents

The dangers of texting while driving are well known. Every year in Texas, many people are seriously injured or even killed in accidents caused by motorists engaged in this hazardous practice. And yet there are still many drivers who simply must avert their attention away from the road in order to read or send a text message.

Is there a connection between truck driver health and accidents?

We all know that to feel our best, we need to get plenty of rest, have a healthy diet and get some exercise. If we are unable to do these things, we may suffer from a number of physical maladies including high blood pressure and fatigue.

How long can a truck driver stay on the road during a shift?

If you have ever traveled the Texas roadways during the overnight hours, you may well have been sharing lanes with big-rig trucks. This would not be unusual as the demands of moving cargo across the state and country requires drivers to spend long stretches of the day and night on the move.

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