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What can happen when a motorcyclist fails to wear a helmet

A motorcycle is one of the most exciting vehicles on the planet to drive. The incredible feeling of danger and freedom that many enjoy so much makes the experience better, but it is also why some motorcyclists aren't too happy about wearing a helmet. However, it is important that they do because of the things that could occur if they fail to do so.

Motorcyclist dead after Plano, Texas crash

Here in Texas, with our open roads and sunny skies, we have some of the best byways for riding a motorcycle. But, just like every other state, we also have drivers who don't see motorcycles or are even openly hostile to the ones they do see. In addition, our roads are filled with intoxicated drivers and drivers who feel the inexplicable need to send a text while they're driving.

Don't ignore manufacturer's safety recalls

Motorcycles are very fun to ride, but just like other motor vehicles, they need to be properly maintained and cared for by their owners. There are a few maintenance tasks that people do on a regular basis, but there are times when a bike needs to be repaired because of things that occur out of the ordinary. A good example of this is when a part needs to be repaired because it is defective.

Issues motorcycle riders may experience when driving

Driving can be fun, but there are also times where it can cause people a bit of anxiety when they think about the possibility of being involved in an accident. It is not always easy operating a motor vehicle, whether it is a car, truck or motorcycle. It can especially be hard when there are things preventing you from driving safely. Should an accident occur, sometimes, other drivers are to blame for the accident, but motorcycle riders themselves have to be aware of the other issues that can arise while they are riding.

TxDOT wants drivers to be on the lookout for motorcyclists

As we head toward the days of summer in the Lone Star State, many Texas motorcyclists are looking forward to spending many hours in the saddle. But as we know, there are numerous hazards to look out for while riding, including careless or distracted drivers. So, in an effort to get motorists to take greater care in looking out for those on two wheels, the Texas Department of Transportation has launched a motorcycle safety campaign.

What do I need for my motorcycle road trip?

As spring brings its warmer temperatures, motorcyclists all across Texas are getting their motorcycles out of storage and prepping them for the months ahead. The vast variety of landscapes throughout the state provide riders with opportunities for some great over-the-road adventures. But as rewarding as a long-distance motorcycle journey can be, there are also some things that riders must keep in mind as they head out on the roadways.

How to have a safe motorcycle group ride, part 2

With the arrival of spring, motorcyclists all across the Lone Star State will likely have an abundance of opportunities to get together with friends and go on group rides. Riding as part of a group can have many advantages. For example, group riders can look out for one another's safety. Also, if one rider has mechanical issues, then his or her friends can stop and lend a hand in making repairs.

How to have a safe motorcycle group ride, part one

Riding a motorcycle is always great fun. But that fun can be greatly enhanced by sharing the experience with other riders. A group ride can make for camaraderie and memories that can last a lifetime. But no one wants a ride spoiled by mechanical issues or, even worse, an accident with another vehicle.

Local motorcyclists gather to help children enjoy Christmas

Motorcyclists tend to share a number of personal characteristics. Typically, they love the feeling of freedom they get from traveling down the road on two wheels as opposed to being cooped up in the confined shell of an automobile. But in addition to the love of freedom, some motorcyclists also carry in their hearts a strong sense of generosity. And this generosity was on full display at an event that transpired just this past Christmas.

Motorcyclists share love and dangers of riding

There are many benefits to riding a motorcycle. For one thing, with the price of gas being what it is, motorcycles can be extremely economical. Riding a motorcycle is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors. While motorists in cars are surrounded by a shield of metal, plastic and glass, motorcyclists move along at one with the elements.

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