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It is assumed that anyone who drinks alcohol will be wise enough to not get behind the wheel of a car and drive. This is a law that everyone knows about, but people still disobey and drive after they have been drinking, completely disregarding the fact that they could get into an accident and injure or kill themselves or someone else. Should an accident occur and they are found guilty of drunk driving, it could change their life in a number of ways.

Do officers always test a driver's blood alcohol level?

Every day, people get into their car and decide to drive home while they are intoxicated. Some people make it to their destination, but unfortunately, others will end up causing a fatal accident. Should this happen, there are a number of things the police might do following the accident, including testing the blood alcohol level of all parties involved.

Why does alcohol lead inebriated people to think they can drive?

It is quite likely that you have already heard that alcohol is a depressant. In this regard, alcohol alters the brain's chemistry by changing its neurotransmitter level. Neurotransmitters are what send signals through your body which control your emotional, behavioral and thought processes.

Drugged driving becoming more problematic

The dangers of drinking and driving are well-known. Every year in Texas, many lives are lost or irreparably altered due the actions of drunk drivers. While the financial cost of such devastation can be calculated and assigned a number, the emotional cost to the victims and their families can never be truly accounted for.

New Year's Eve made hazardous by drunk drivers

Most of us look forward to the arrival of the new year.  One of the reasons that New Year's Eve is so popular is that people want to celebrate what they hope will be a fresh start for their lives. On the whole, a New Year's Eve celebration is an affirmation of our collective optimism.  No one knows what the future may hold, so we may as well approach the upcoming year with a positive attitude.

Is drunk driving intentional misconduct?

Being involved in an accident on the roads is always a distressing experience. However, when you discover that the cause of the accident was that someone was driving drunk, you may also feel angry and anxious to seek justice. It is a frustrating and terrifying thought that there are still so many drivers who will get behind the wheel when they are under the influence of alcohol. Sadly, DUI accidents happen in Texas all the time, and the only recourse left to the victims is to pursue compensation and hope for a swift and full recovery.

New system could reduce drunk driving

In Texas, innumerable families are devastated each year by accidents on the roads, all too many of which are caused by drunk drivers. Whether they do not realize they are intoxicated, or they have simply chosen to disregard the law, these drivers put everyone else on the road at risk. Sadly, their intoxication can make them even more likely to make a mistake while driving, and it is often innocent people who pay the price.

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