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Potential brain injuries suffered by car accident victims

As you proceeded with your daily commute, your mind may naturally been on your responsibilities for the day ahead. Little did you know, howev er, that another party's actions would jeopardize your mind's ability to properly function as a result of an unfortunate car accident caused through no fault of your own.

An injury to the brain is often a catastrophic injury that causes individuals either permanent or temporary functional challenges. A wide range of brain injuries can result from an accident stemming from the negligence of another motorist in Texas.

Types of brain injuries

There are five types of traumatic brain injuries that can happen as a result of a collision:

  • Penetrative injuries -- An object ends up piercing your skull and entering the brain.
  • Contusions - Localized bleeding occurs on the brain due to an impact.
  • Coup-contrecoup contusions -- Your brain slams into your skull's opposite side as a result of an impact, thus resulting in a contusion at the second site of impact.
  • Diffuse axional injury -- Different brain structures sustain tears due to rotational/shaking forces.
  • Concussion -- An extremely common brain injury that results in temporary unconsciousness resulting from a blow to your head.

There are also two types of acquired brain injuries that victims can suffer in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident:

  • Anoxia - This injury is often fatal due to oxygen no longer being able to reach certain brain cells.
  • Hypoxic brain injury - Partial restriction of oxygen to many brain cells results from this injury.

How can these injuries affect me?

Brain injuries differ among their victims, so the effects that a brain injury can have on your life may be very different from what another injury victim might experience. If you suffer cognitive deficiencies as a result of a brain injury, you might need cognitive therapy, and you also might not be able to maintain a job that is intellectually demanding. Having a social worker help you with certain tasks may even be necessary.

Certain injuries to the brain may affect your brain's emotional systems. As a result, you might be oversensitive and likely to have emotional outbursts. Yet other brain injuries can impair your physical abilities. Thus, you might need a physical aid, such as a cane, walker or wheelchair, to maintain your mobility.

Moving forward

Unfortunately, an injury to the brain can have a long-term impact not only on your own life but also on your loved ones. If the accident that caused your brain injury was the result of another driver's reckless or negligent actions -- for instance, driving while distracted or speeding -- then you have the right to seek justice.

Depending on how serious your injury is, you might be eligible to receive a monetary award, which may help you to address your medical costs, the loss of wages, and pain and suffering caused by your injuries.

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