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Speeding causes as much death as drunk driving

Speeding on the Texas roadways can cause multi-vehicle collisions and numerous injuries and fatalities, as seen recently in the Houston area. In a recent tragedy, a father and his two young children failed to survive a rear end collision by a truck that may have been speeding. In that instance, a total of six vehicles incurred damages.

Leaving accident costs Harris County deputy his job

Car accidents that occur on Houston's roads and highways may rarely be singular events. Typically, many vehicles and/or motorists are involved, even if the extent of their involvement is to witness the accident. The hope is that people who witness an accident will stop to render aid to any who are injured by it, and then to provide testimony of what they saw. While some may say there is no legal obligation for an average citizen to do this, others may counter by claiming the obligation is a moral one. Given their responsibilities, law enforcement officers are expected to stop at an accident scene. 

Potential brain injuries suffered by car accident victims

As you proceeded with your daily commute, your mind may naturally been on your responsibilities for the day ahead. Little did you know, howev er, that another party's actions would jeopardize your mind's ability to properly function as a result of an unfortunate car accident caused through no fault of your own.

Driving distractions and pet restraint safety

Dogs of all kinds can offer a world of happiness to pet owners in Texas. While the advantages of owning a pet are endless, the issue of distracted driving due to unrestrained pets in vehicles has become prevalent in recent years. As the number of miles Texans cover every year increases, so do the number of motor vehicle accidents. Could unruly pets be partially to blame? 

Don't let a vehicle crash cause your world to come crashing down

A seemingly ordinary trip to the grocery store or the bank may unfortunately turn into the trip you will never forget -- for all of the wrong reasons -- if you end up being involved in a car accident that results in serious injuries. The aftermath of a car accident can quickly make you feel as though your life has been flipped upside down.

The consequences of on-the-job traffic crashes

From drunk driving wrecks to falling asleep behind the wheel, motor vehicle collisions happen for all sorts of reasons. Furthermore, there are a number of unique details that can impact those involved in a Texas crash. For example, someone may be involved in an accident while they are working, which can create additional challenges.

Can eating while driving cause accidents?

Like many, you may mistakenly believe that distracted driving has only recently become an issue affecting those on Houston’s roads and highways. That assumption no doubt comes from the notion that when referring to distracted driving, people are typically talking about those who use a cell phone while operating a vehicle. Yet the truth is that driving distractions have been around for decades, and while cell phone use has become the popular topic to focus on in the current moment, there are other activities that pull people’s attention away from the road in a manner that is equally dangerous.

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