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The details of motor vehicle accidents

Driving in any large city can be stressful and often dangerous. With a population of over 2 million in Houston, Texas, tragic motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence. Collisions, especially in this congested area, require immediate action regarding safety procedures and the legal protection of each party involved.  

The Texas Department of Transportation informs the public about collision incidents in the state. In its 2015 report, TDOT reported that one person died in a collision roughly every 2 hours, and one person experienced an injury from a collision every 2 minutes and 7 seconds. Although collision-related deaths were not as common as less serious crashes, TDOT reports that there were no deathless days in Texas in 2015. The total number of those injured in crashes that year was 247,652, and most deadly crashes occurred during warmer seasons. 40.4 percent of those killed in 2015 had not been restrained. Knowing these crippling numbers can help educate Texas communities about the dangers of driving without a seatbelt, and can potentially prevent collisions in the future.

FindLaw covers the basics on addressing vehicle collisions in Houston, giving tips on what to do in the case of a motor vehicle accident. According to the article, Texas law requires those involved in an incident to collect names, addresses, names of insurance, registration of vehicles and often driver's license information. The law requires further action if an accident is more severe, resulting in car damage, driver intoxication, injuries and even death. Police reports and witness accounts can determine liability of a crash. Texas law also enforces a modified comparative negligence law, which allows an individual to take up to 50 percent responsibility of personal injuries while still recovering damages. The cost of these damages may decrease, depending on how much an individual is at fault regarding an accident.    

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