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Texting and driving: the laws and procedures

In today's technology-savvy world, texting has become a subconcious habit for many. While using cellphones in Texas is usually harmless, using one while under the wheel can endanger the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.  

Recent news of a fatal crash in Texas involving a pickup truck driver and a minibus has further revealed the horrific events that can unfold if a driver engages with cellphone activity. The New York Post reports that the truck driver admitted to texting while driving when the accident occurred. The driver had crossed the center line, causing the collision that killed thirteen passengers on the bus. A witness attempted to report the driver's erratic behavior on the road; unfortunately, the accident occurred before officials could take action. According to the Post, Texas currently has no ban on texting and driving, and while dozens of cities across the state prohibit this practice, the rural area in which the collision occurred may not have enforced such ordinances.

The official website for the City of Houston lists a number of tips on what to do in the case of an accident. Those involved in an accident are not required to call the police if the following characteristics apply to the collision:

  • No one is injured
  • All driver's have current driver's licenses and proof of insurance
  • All vehicles are driveable
  • Drivers are not intoxicated
  • Drivers are cordial and there is no disturbance
  • No government people or property is involved  

Those involved in an accident may exchange insurance information with the other drivers and complete a Driver's Crash Report. If the incident is more serious, and may have involved texting and driving, a police officer may need to inspect the scene and discuss the accident with all who are involved. 

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