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Pursue remedies full speed ahead following biking accident

Motorcyclists in Texas have a unique situation on the road. These drivers enjoy the excitement and liberty that comes with using their motor vehicles. However, some hazards that other motorists do not have to contend with may also affect them.

For example, no protective barriers exist between the road and a motorcyclist, and other drivers might have trouble seeing a motorcycle or anticipating what a motorcycle rider will do. This can quickly lead to an accident resulting in serious injuries to the motorcycle rider. For this reason, it is critical that riders of motorcycles understand their legal rights as well as the remedies available, in the event they are hurt in a biking accident.

Riding a motorcycle is risky business

In 66 percent of crashes involving motorcycles and other automobiles, the person driving the other motor vehicle violated the motorcyclist's right-of-way, thus causing the accident. Furthermore, a motorcycle rider has a 26-times-higher chance of passing away in a collision compared to somebody in a regular car, and he or she has a five-times-higher likelihood of suffering an injury.

In addition, even though fewer motorcyclists and passengers in other types of vehicles have been dying since 1999, the rate of deaths stemming from biking accidents has actually more than doubled during this time period.

What issues do motorcyclists face?

A major problem that motorcycle riders face on the highway is that their bikes are not as large as other motor vehicles, so other automobiles or poor weather conditions are more likely to obscure them. This is particularly the case at intersections, which is where 70 percent of collisions involving these bikes occur.

In addition, a hazard on the road, such as a pothole or oil slick, can affect a motorcycle much more than it can impact a car. Other hazards that disproportionately affect motorcycles include debris, puddles, ruts, railroad tracks and even uneven pavement.

How an attorney can help

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, you may choose to file a personal injury claim against the driver, seeking damages. A preponderance of the evidence is necessary to establish liability before the court hearing your case in Texas. If liability is established, then the court will decide claims for damages. A successful outcome may lead to a monetary damage award that might help you to cover the medical expenses and loss of wages that can result from biking accidents.

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