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Cellphone companies face lawsuits over apps

Despite laws regarding cellphone use while driving, many motorists continue to talk and text on their cellular devices while behind the wheel. Not only that, but some motorists take selfies, post pictures on line, record live footage and even FaceTime their friends while they are navigating the roadways. People put their lives, and the lives of everyone on the road, in imminent danger when engaged in these dangerous habits. In some cases, lawsuits have been filed against cellphone companies for failing to develop key safety locks in their apps that may keep cellphone owners from using the features while driving.

One particular case involves an accident that occurred in Texas in 2014, according to Business Insider. A motorist who was using FaceTime while driving did not notice that traffic had come to a stop and hit the back of a stopped car at 65 mph. The five-year-old passenger of the rear-ended vehicle died from her injuries. The two parents and the other child who were in the vehicle sustained serious injuries.  The lawyers of the family claim that Apple may have prevented the accident if the company had implemented a key safety design in their FaceTime software. The lockout feature received a patent and was approved for use that year. It was designed to prevent cellphone owners from using FaceTime while driving. However, the company did not implement the feature, which was involved in the tragic death of the young girl.

Using a cellphone while driving is a serious distraction, and can have devastating consequences. Officials urge motorists to refrain from using their cellular devices while behind the wheel in order to prevent unnecessary car accidents, injuries and deaths. 

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