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Truck driver clearinghouse may save lives

Every year across the United States, people lose their lives in truck accidents. A number of these catastrophic collisions are caused by negligent truck drivers, who may be operating a vehicle while intoxicated, drowsy, reckless or otherwise distracted. These accidents are completely preventable, and officials at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are thinking of ways in which the industry can reduce the number of negligent truck drivers on the road, and subsequently reduce the number of lives that are lost each year in large truck accidents.

Currently, the trucking industry does not have a centralized database where employers are able to check on drivers’ records or past employment history. This national database would allow trucking companies to check the driving records, drug testing records and employment history of truck drivers before they choose to hire them. Every year, trucking companies would be required to enter any information into the database involving the drivers’ drug and alcohol test results, refusal to take a drug test, any citations received, as well as any other violations. Rather than accidently employing a truck driver that has previous driving violations or alcohol problems while driving, trucking companies can avoid putting these truckers behind the wheel.

Although employers may need to obtain permission from the employee in order to run a query into the Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, they do have the right to turn down employment to those who refuse to allow the search. Trucking companies may also refuse to allow drivers operate a vehicle if they will not allow a clearinghouse search. 

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