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Possible case of road rage leaves little girl dead

The aftermath of a car accident can be brutal. There may be extensive property damage, confusion, serious injuries and even death to deal with. When fatal injuries occur, not because of the actual accident, but due to a shooting injury that occurs just moments after the collision takes place, there may be a host of unanswered questions and devastation.

This is what happened in Houston on a fateful day when a mother lost her daughter in a tragic scene. The 8-year-old victim was fatally shot by a woman after the vehicle she was traveling in was hit by another car. The little girl’s mother was traveling toward a green traffic light when it turned to yellow. Unable to stop in time, the side of her car was hit by a speeding vehicle that was traveling in another direction. The impact of the accident was severe; however, the little girl was still sleeping in the backseat of the car when the mother checked on her.

Sadly, the mother’s relief of her daughter’s well-being was short lived. A woman from another vehicle approached the car and began to open fire on the little girl and her mother. Although the mother was not hit, the little girl was fatally injured by a bullet. While law enforcement officials have yet to discover a motive behind this catastrophic accident, some believe that road rage was involved. Law officers are investigating this case as a homicide.

When people commit unexplainable acts of violence, innocent victims often pay the price. In an event where you aren’t sure where to turn for justice, speaking with an attorney may be helpful.

Source: ABC News, “8-year-old fatally shot in Houston after car crash,” Gina Sunseri, Morgan Winsor, Feb. 25, 2017.

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