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How to share the road safely with large trucks

If you are a Texas motorist, you may be used to navigating alongside tractor trailers on a daily basis. Weighing up to 80,000 pounds, the massive size of these trucks alone is enough to cause catastrophic damage if you should get into an accident. It is crucial that you understand how to share the road safely with these big rigs to avoid becoming injured or killed in a large truck collision.  

While every motor vehicle has a blind spot, or a place where it is difficult to see another vehicle coming up alongside your car, big rigs have giant blind spots. These blind areas are biggest on the right-hand side and behind the truck. If you should a tractor trailer, it is best to pass it quickly on the left-hand side. Keep in mind that if you cannot see the side view mirror of the truck, the trucker is not able to see your car.

Due to their heavy weight, big rigs require a longer stopping distance than other motor vehicles. That is why it is hazardous for vehicles to pull out directly in front of a truck and to apply the brakes. Make sure that you give trucks plenty of stopping room.

In addition, tractor trailers need to make wide turns, and you should avoid attempting to pass a truck on the right-hand side while they are making a turn. By following a few simple rules and staying extremely cautious at all times when driving alongside big rigs, you could save yourself from a potential accident.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice. 

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