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March 2017 Archives

Social media and driving: A deadly combination

Despite reports and media campaigns warning drivers to put their cellphones down while behind the wheel, a significant number of motorists continue to post social media updates, take selfies and engage in other types of cellphone business. According to, at least 660,000 drivers are manipulating their electronic devices at any given time of the day. In fact, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms are filled with selfies of people behind the wheel, sailing boats and even flying airplanes.

You just have a headache, right? It could be more than that

The human brain remains an enigma to many scientists. This remarkable piece of engineering defines the human race and its achievements. As if to balance all of its power, the brain's delicate structure makes it vulnerable to injury. Car accidents, falls or blows to the head with an object could damage your brain and cause you a variety of medical problems that could last for months or the rest of your life.

The dangers of using social media while driving

If you find yourself texting on your cellphone as you drive along in morning traffic or posting social media updates while navigating the roads throughout the day, you are not alone. At any given moment of the day, 660,000 American drivers are using electronic devices while behind the wheel, according to Many are checking their social media notifications, posting updates, taking pics and responding to messages. Not only does this distracted driving lead to a significant number of serious car accidents, but it has led to many injuries and deaths as well.

Possible case of road rage leaves little girl dead

The aftermath of a car accident can be brutal. There may be extensive property damage, confusion, serious injuries and even death to deal with. When fatal injuries occur, not because of the actual accident, but due to a shooting injury that occurs just moments after the collision takes place, there may be a host of unanswered questions and devastation.

How to share the road safely with large trucks

If you are a Texas motorist, you may be used to navigating alongside tractor trailers on a daily basis. Weighing up to 80,000 pounds, the massive size of these trucks alone is enough to cause catastrophic damage if you should get into an accident. It is crucial that you understand how to share the road safely with these big rigs to avoid becoming injured or killed in a large truck collision.  

Truck driver clearinghouse may save lives

Every year across the United States, people lose their lives in truck accidents. A number of these catastrophic collisions are caused by negligent truck drivers, who may be operating a vehicle while intoxicated, drowsy, reckless or otherwise distracted. These accidents are completely preventable, and officials at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are thinking of ways in which the industry can reduce the number of negligent truck drivers on the road, and subsequently reduce the number of lives that are lost each year in large truck accidents.

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