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February 2017 Archives

Car accidents can cause catastrohpic injuries

There is no question that the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be devastating. Whether people are involved in a fender bender or a catastrophic collision, there may be serious injuries involved that could affect people for years to come. In some cases, car accidents can cause life-long injuries that may make it impossible for people to return to work, function at home or enjoy engaging in hobbies. At The Martin Law Firm, our legal team understands how troubling these injuries can be and how the physical and emotional trauma stemming from an accident can have a long-term effect on peoples’ lives in Houston and across the country.

Can nighttime vision increase risk of an accident?

Many Texas motorists are forced to drive home from work or run errands once the sun has set. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the risk of being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident increases at night. This is due in part to the reduced amount of natural light available to drivers, as well as the blinding glare that headlights can cause when they shine in motorists’ eyes. These factors combined with motorists’ personal vision problems can lead to a very devastating situation.

Beware of the danger at crossroads!

Anyone who drives through Texas on a regular basis understands the meaning of busy roads and heavy traffic. There are many dangers out there for even the most cautious motorists. A particular risk involves any and all intersections as these crossroads are often scenes of serious motor vehicle collisions. There can be quite a lot going on at an average intersection, including cars stopping at red lights or stop signs, pedestrians navigating crosswalks, and perhaps even bicyclists, tractor-trailers or other travelers converging, adding to the challenge of safe driving.

Distraction II: Voice-activated technology

A study originally conducted to measure whether hands-free cellphones cause a significant amount of cognitive distraction to drivers revealed some interesting findings. Not only did they find that hands-free cellphones were just slightly less distracting than talking on hand-held devices, but the results showed that using voice-activated technology while driving was the most distracting of all.

Should the legal limit be lowered to 0.05 percent?

People who choose to get behind the wheel after drinking put your life, as well as the lives of other motorists on the road in direct danger. Anyone who has a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher runs the risk of being charged and convicted of drunk driving. Many people question, however, if the legal limit should be lowered, as people show symptoms of intoxication with BAC levels as low as 0.02 percent.

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