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Truck malfunctions could lead to serious accidents

Motorists share the road with large trucks on a daily basis. Most drivers believe that the tractor trailer driving next to them is well-maintained and consider it safe to be out on the road. Surprisingly, there are a number of large trucks that are not properly maintained. At The Martin Law Firm, we know that issues with equipment failure on big rigs can cause catastrophic truck accidents involving serious injuries and even death in some cases.

When truck drivers are traveling at high speeds on the freeway, the brakes and safety devices on their vehicles must be in perfect working condition. A simple equipment error or malfunction could cause the brakes to go out. If the safety equipment fails to work, the driver may not be alerted to stopped traffic up ahead or icy roads. All of these parts are critical in the safe operation of a massive tractor trailer.

As a way to avoid these preventable accidents, all trucking companies and truck drivers are required to inspect their big rigs and make necessary repairs before they take their truck out on the road, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Truckers are also required to perform a post-trip inspection. In addition to pre-trip and post-trip inspections, every commercial big rig must undergo an annual comprehensive inspection. Truckers must keep a record of these inspections, including the dates of the inspections, which parts were in need of repair, regular maintenance that was performed on the vehicle, as well as any other tests that were conducted.

The FMCSA reported that more than two million large trucks were taken off of the road after officials found that they had too many safety violations. Countless more safety violations continue to go undiscovered and threaten people’s lives on the road.

To learn more about tractor trailer equipment malfunctions, visit our truck accidents page. 

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