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October 2016 Archives

Are hands-free cellphones safe to use while driving?

If you have talked on a hand-held cellphone while behind the wheel, you are definitely not alone. Countless motorists in Texas and across the country talk and text while driving on a regular basis leading to thousands of serious injuries and deaths. In fact, many states have enacted legislation making it illegal to use your hand-held cellphone while driving in an attempt to save lives. As a result, some drivers have started using hands-free devices as a way to minimize distracted driving. Yet, studies show that even hands-free cellphones can be a significant cause of mental distraction on the road.

5 Steps for dealing with a hit-and-run accident

A car crash of any kind can be difficult enough to deal with when all parties involved remain on the scene, and many individuals consider being involved in a hit-and-run accident a nightmare. If you were ever harmed in an accident where the at-fault driver fled the scene, you probably know just how overwhelming and frightening an experience like this can be. Considering the following steps for dealing with a hit-and-run car accident may help you better understand how to handle such an unfortunate turn of events.

Little-boy hero saves brother from fiery big rig crash on I-45

The story has spread from Houston across the nation. It is heartwarming in one sense and tragic in many others. You might have read about the 5-year-old old boy who pulled his young brother from a fiery tractor-trailer wreck on Interstate 45 last week.

Why did Houston driver not slow for a disabled vehicle?

Interstate 45 is a heavily traveled highway connecting Houston to Dallas. It was recently the site of a motor vehicle accident in which three children were injured and hospitalized. The Houston Police Department said that a Toyota Corolla was pulled over in the Gulf Freeway's emergency lane when a Nissan Altima slammed into it from behind. The three children who were inside the disabled vehicle were injured. 

Scary moments in Houston area school bus crash

If you drive about 25 minutes northeast of Houston, you will come to Crosby, Texas. The Harris County town of about 2,200 residents is the site of a recent school bus crash that frightened parents and resulted in injuries to 14 students.None of the injuries were life-threatening, according to various media reports. The veteran bus driver apparently swerved to avoid a crash with another vehicle, sending her vehicle filled with 52 middle- and high school students rolling over in a ditch. 

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