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3 Unexpected Ways Settlement Offers Are Unfair

On the surface, it might seem like it is easy to determine whether or not a car accident settlement company is fair. Obviously, if the insurance company makes no offer, if they delay or they offer what is clearly a token settlement, they are being unfair. If the settlement offer covers your medical bills and missed paychecks it is fair, right?

Not necessarily.

Unfortunately, many people unknowingly accept settlement offers that are actually unfair. Insurance companies count on this. Before you accept an offer for a car accident settlement, consider these unexpected ways settlement offers are unfair:

They Do Not Account For Future Medical Costs

On the surface, a settlement offer may seem fair. It may cover all of the medical bills you have accumulated so far. But what about the bills still to come? Are you going to need surgery or physical therapy? What about prescriptions? Even follow-up visits with your doctor should be accounted for in your settlement.

They Do Not Address Future Lost Wages

Like medical bills, when you look at a settlement offer you also want to make certain it includes compensation for future lost wages. Will you have to miss work for doctor appointments, physical therapy or surgery? Is your injury severe enough that you are going to need to take a different job that pays you less than you were making before the car wreck? This should all be addressed in your settlement.

They Do Not Include Compensation For Pain And Suffering

This is one that insurance companies hope you overlook. It is much more difficult to calculate than medical costs and missed paychecks. How do you put a dollar value on the hurt you have experienced after a car wreck? An experienced attorney can help you understand how to calculate this so you are fairly compensated.

At The Martin Law Firm, we are happy to review a settlement offer for free. We will look at it carefully to determine whether it is truly fair. If it is not, we can help you push back to get the money you deserve from the insurance company.

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