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Giving trucks plenty of room can help prevent accidents

It's no secret that semi trucks are much larger than standard passenger vehicles. Because of this size differential, it is wise to give big rigs plenty of room when on the road. And on its website, American Trucking Associations gives specific suggestions on how to drive in proximity to trucks.

ATA states that when following a semi truck, it is best to fall back by 25 to 30 car lengths. This is because when following closely behind a truck, your forward view is obstructed. As such, you may not be able to see sudden changes in road conditions.

There are any number of hazards that may appear on the road. It is not unusual to encounter sudden traffic slowdowns, which call for having to quickly apply the brakes. And there can also be debris in the road, such as shredded tires or pieces of lumber that must be avoided.

If you are unable to see these things because you are following a truck too closely, you may not have time to make the proper adjustments needed to steer clear of disaster. But according to ATA, if you can see the truck's side view mirrors, then you have likely given yourself enough space.

But unfortunately, it is not always possible to give trucks the safest amount of room. Therefore, when road conditions are tight, truck drivers have a duty of care to drive cautiously and try to avoid making sudden stops or fast lane changes. Such maneuvers can put smaller vehicles in grave danger and can even lead to severe accidents.

In the aftermath of a truck accident, victims may require long-term hospitalization and care. With medical expenses being so costly, it is imperative that injured parties receive appropriate compensation. If you have been injured in a truck accident, a Texas personal injury attorney could act on your behalf by working with insurance companies in an effort to get you fair recompense.

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