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Truck drivers may be unknowingly damaging tires

Since federal regulations limit the number of hours truck drivers can spend behind the wheel during shifts, it stands to reason that they would want to cover as much ground as possible before stopping. On some Texas highways, trucks are permitted to travel as fast as 85 mph. While such a high rate of speed may help trucker drivers arrive at their destinations sooner, it also poses a very real danger.

Truck tires are typically not built to handle sustained speeds in excess of 75 mph. According to safety advocates, consistently driving a truck faster than the rated speed of its tires may cause the tires to become excessively hot, which can damage the rubber. And damaged tires are generally more likely to experience blowouts.

This problem can be further exacerbated if truck drivers are unaware of the speed limitations of their tires. Truck drivers who spend a lot of time traveling on the state's more rapid thoroughfares may be unknowingly driving on tires that are severely damaged.

It is difficult to control any vehicle that has a blowout, and the danger is magnified for big rig trucks. After a blowout, a truck may swerve into other vehicles. And if the truck driver should steer or brake too hard, the rig may even roll over.

Truck drivers have a duty of care to maintain their vehicles. This means they should not only routinely check their tires for damage, but they should change their tires when necessary. And they should understand the limits to which their tires can be pushed.

If you have recently been involved in a truck accident that you believe was due to a truck driver's failure to properly maintain his or her vehicle, you may wish to have a Texas truck accident attorney perform an investigation. The attorney can use the results of the investigation to help you get compensation to cover medical expenses and other accident-related damages.

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