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How to have a safe motorcycle group ride, part 2

With the arrival of spring, motorcyclists all across the Lone Star State will likely have an abundance of opportunities to get together with friends and go on group rides. Riding as part of a group can have many advantages. For example, group riders can look out for one another's safety. Also, if one rider has mechanical issues, then his or her friends can stop and lend a hand in making repairs.

In a previous post, we discussed what riders can do in preparation for a group ride. In this post, we will focus on the safest way for group riders to share the road. To that end, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends that group members avoid riding side by side as doing so does not provide the cushion necessary to safely avoid hazards.

Instead, the MSF suggests that groups ride in a staggered formation in which the leader is on the left side of the lane. The next rider is behind the leader and on the right side of the lane. The remainder of the riders should follow suit in this pattern. Should a rider pull out of the formation, the others should readjust in a crisscrossing fashion to re-create the staggered formation.

There are situations, such as when exiting or entering highways or riding on curvy roads, when it is best to ride single file. When that is the case, it's important that riders give themselves a following distance of at least two seconds. By giving each other enough space, group riders can greatly reduce the chances of running into one another or becoming entangled.

Hopefully,  if you head out on the highway with friends in the coming months, you will have nothing but safe and fun rides. However, if you should be involved in an accident and are injured while riding, you could end up having to receive very expensive medical treatment. A Texas personal injury attorney could represent your interests by working with insurance companies in an effort to maximize your compensation.

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