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Texas judge gives repeat DWI offender life sentence

When a person decides to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while intoxicated, he or she is placing all other drivers on the road in danger. Fortunately, there are laws intended to dissuade people from driving while under the influence.

In some cases, those who are convicted of drunk driving charges can be fined or even incarcerated. But perhaps the most effective remedy is to take away an offender's driving privileges. This form of punishment has the advantage of keeping potentially dangerous drivers off the road.

But the law can only do so much, and some of the worst DUI offenders continue to engage in this dangerous behavior, even when their licenses are suspended. But in Parker County, Texas, a judge was so concerned by the actions of one particular drunk driver, that he gave the man an exceptionally stiff sentence.

In issuing his sentence, the judge pointed out that the 62-year-old defendant had accumulated 10 DWI convictions and 12 DWI arrests. The judge said he had a responsibility to protect the county's citizenry and to do so, he decided to put the repeat offender someplace where he couldn't drive, and for as long as possible. That place is the prison, and the sentence is for life. However, the 62-year-old could receive parole after he serves 15 years behind bars.

The case stemmed from a 2014 incident where the 62-year-old was arrested for DWI while having a BAC that was nearly four times the state's legal limit. According to prosecutors, while he was out on bond, the 62-year-old removed an electronic monitoring device and fled the state. He was later arrested in Colorado, again for DWI.

In the case recounted in this post, it appears justice may have been served. And happily there is no mention of the 62-year-old having harmed anyone. But if you or someone you love is ever injured in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, you may want to seek justice through a civil suit. A Texas personal injury attorney could investigate your case and help you get appropriate compensation, which you can use to pay for medical treatment and other damages.

Source: Fox News, "Texas man sentenced to life in prison after 10th drunk driving offense," Jan. 23, 2016

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