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Local motorcyclists gather to help children enjoy Christmas

Motorcyclists tend to share a number of personal characteristics. Typically, they love the feeling of freedom they get from traveling down the road on two wheels as opposed to being cooped up in the confined shell of an automobile. But in addition to the love of freedom, some motorcyclists also carry in their hearts a strong sense of generosity. And this generosity was on full display at an event that transpired just this past Christmas.

A collection of motorcycle clubs from West Houston joined forces with a local ministry to put on the first-ever West Houston Two Wheel Toy Run. The event took place at Memorial City Mall. The jolly riders collected toys for distribution to disadvantaged foster children. Reportedly, the event resulted from friends mutually agreeing that they wanted to participate in something that would make a difference.

This heartwarming story clearly demonstrates that some of Houston's finest citizens are also part of the city's motorcycle riding community. And the West Houston Two Wheel Toy Run is a prime example of the positive activities that many motorcyclists enjoy partaking in.

But all motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable when out riding. And unfortunately, not all motorists exhibit the same level of generosity in sharing the roads that the motorcyclists demonstrated when working to help the children. Aggressive or distracted drivers pose a very grave threat to motorcycle riders. It is all too easy for the actions of a negligent driver to force a rider off the road or into a collision.

If you or a family member are ever injured in a motorcycle accident, you will likely need compensation to cover medical and recovery expenses. A Texas personal injury attorney may be able to help you pursue all available avenues of recompense.

Source: KPRC News, "Motorcycle, car enthusiasts deliver Christmas cheer," Sara Donchey, Dec. 25, 2015

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