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Texting truck drivers can be held liable for accidents

The dangers of texting while driving are well known. Every year in Texas, many people are seriously injured or even killed in accidents caused by motorists engaged in this hazardous practice. And yet there are still many drivers who simply must avert their attention away from the road in order to read or send a text message.

Houston plagued by fatalities caused by running of red lights

Without a doubt, Houston is one of the greatest cities in the United States. We have a thriving arts community, two major universities, some terrific teams to root for and even a NASA space facility. But while Houston leads the way in so many areas on a national level, there is one area in which we can use improvement; traffic safety at red lights.

The multitasking myth is deadly when it comes to driving

At one time, we were collectively led to believe that technology would pave the way for people to have more free time. That is, machines would do so much of our work that we could focus more on leisure and worry less about certain responsibilities. Well, thus far that has not panned out, and it seems we have to dedicate more and more time to using machines just to keep up with our responsibilities at work and in our personal lives.

Local motorcyclists gather to help children enjoy Christmas

Motorcyclists tend to share a number of personal characteristics. Typically, they love the feeling of freedom they get from traveling down the road on two wheels as opposed to being cooped up in the confined shell of an automobile. But in addition to the love of freedom, some motorcyclists also carry in their hearts a strong sense of generosity. And this generosity was on full display at an event that transpired just this past Christmas.

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