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Wrongful death suits can relieve financial hardships

Every year, far too many people lose their lives on the roadways of Texas. Often, the victims of fatal accidents leave behind loved ones who must try to rebuild their lives. What makes the situation even more unfair, is the fact that many of these deaths did not have to happen.

All too often, people are killed in motor vehicle accidents due to the acts of negligent drivers. Motorists who choose to get behind the wheel while impaired or who text while driving cause accidents that lead to untold amounts of suffering. If the victims of these accidents were household breadwinners, then their families could be facing extreme financial hardships.

A fatality caused by the deliberate or negligent acts of another is known as a "wrongful death." If they so desire, the family of a wrongful death victim can have a representative bring a lawsuit against the party that was responsible for the death. In doing so, the family can seek recompense for financial or "pecuniary" loss.

The amount that a court will deem appropriate for pecuniary loss will vary from case to case. Some of the determining factors include the victim's earning capacity, age and health. Of primary consideration is the victim's financial and personal situation at the time of death. In regards to the family, this would translate into the loss of income as well as the loss of parental guidance.

However, there are many other factors that could come into play when figuring out pecuniary loss. Therefore, families who are considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit after losing a loved one in an auto accident may wish to retain the services of an experienced attorney. The attorney can help determine an appropriate level of compensation and help the family work toward receiving what they deserve.

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