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Could self-driving cars put an end to distracted driving?

You are likely well aware of the dangers posed on Texas roadways by distracted drivers. TxDOT has reported that in 2013 alone, distracted driving was responsible for causing almost 20,000 injuries in the Lone Star State. For some reason, the urge to answer a phone, respond to a text or check a Facebook page is so strong for some people that they are willing to put themselves and everyone else on the road in danger.

To date, no one has found a way to stop the practice of driving while distracted. But what if a motorist could get in a car and read, text or talk on the phone and never worry about getting into an accident? Well, one day that may be possible.

Google, as well as auto manufacturers Nissan, Honda and Tesla, have been working on building self-driving cars. Back in 2013, federal transportation officials saw the autonomous cars as being very much in the developmental stage. The U.S. Department of Transportation adopted a cautious approach regarding the use of such vehicles on public roads.

But reportedly, the technology has advanced at such a rapid rate that the Transportation Secretary is now saying that the federal policy on the cars is going to be updated. The secretary has stated that while safety is of importance, he does not want the agency to be uneasy about new innovations.

It's hard not to get a little excited at the prospect of reading books or playing video games while our cars transport us safely to our destinations. And just as importantly, in a world where all cars can dependably drive themselves, we wouldn't have to worry about distracted drivers.

But for now, self-driving cars are in the domain of experimentation, and we still have to contend with distracted drivers. So, if you have been injured by a driver who you suspect was not paying proper attention while behind the wheel, you may want to contact a Texas car accident attorney. The attorney could investigate the accident in an effort to prove the driver was negligent. If such is the case, the attorney could help you file a lawsuit if you so desire.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, "US officials signal move toward embracing self-driving cars," Justin Pritchard, Nov. 28, 2015

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