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New Year's Eve made hazardous by drunk drivers

Most of us look forward to the arrival of the new year.  One of the reasons that New Year's Eve is so popular is that people want to celebrate what they hope will be a fresh start for their lives. On the whole, a New Year's Eve celebration is an affirmation of our collective optimism.  No one knows what the future may hold, so we may as well approach the upcoming year with a positive attitude.

Is there a connection between truck driver health and accidents?

We all know that to feel our best, we need to get plenty of rest, have a healthy diet and get some exercise. If we are unable to do these things, we may suffer from a number of physical maladies including high blood pressure and fatigue.

Wrongful death suits can relieve financial hardships

Every year, far too many people lose their lives on the roadways of Texas. Often, the victims of fatal accidents leave behind loved ones who must try to rebuild their lives. What makes the situation even more unfair, is the fact that many of these deaths did not have to happen.

Could self-driving cars put an end to distracted driving?

You are likely well aware of the dangers posed on Texas roadways by distracted drivers. TxDOT has reported that in 2013 alone, distracted driving was responsible for causing almost 20,000 injuries in the Lone Star State. For some reason, the urge to answer a phone, respond to a text or check a Facebook page is so strong for some people that they are willing to put themselves and everyone else on the road in danger.

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