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Motorcyclists share love and dangers of riding

There are many benefits to riding a motorcycle. For one thing, with the price of gas being what it is, motorcycles can be extremely economical. Riding a motorcycle is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors. While motorists in cars are surrounded by a shield of metal, plastic and glass, motorcyclists move along at one with the elements.

How long can a truck driver stay on the road during a shift?

If you have ever traveled the Texas roadways during the overnight hours, you may well have been sharing lanes with big-rig trucks. This would not be unusual as the demands of moving cargo across the state and country requires drivers to spend long stretches of the day and night on the move.

Statistics demonstrate dangers of holiday driving in Texas

Ready or not, we are rapidly approaching the holiday season. With Thanksgiving coming in November, followed by Christmas and New Year's around a month later, it is a sure bet that many Texans have plans to visit with friends and relatives. And it is having the opportunity to spend time with the one's we love that makes this time of the year so special.

Car caught on video swerving and hitting motorcycle in Texas

Perhaps you have seen the shocking video footage taken on a Texas highway, in which a car swerves from its lane and strikes a motorcycle that appeared to be attempting to pass on the left. Upon impact, the motorcycle, which had a driver and his girlfriend on board, took a tumble onto the highway.

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