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Tracy Morgan's recovery from truck accident on display at Emmys

When comedian Tracy Morgan made a surprise entrance at this year's Emmy Awards, it marked the first time he's made a live appearance in public since being involved in a serious truck accident. In June 2014, the limousine in which Mr. Morgan was traveling was struck by a truck driver who had allegedly not slept for 28 hours. Mr. Morgan was severely injured in the crash. A fellow comedian and friend of Mr. Morgan's, James McNair, was also in the limo and died as a result of the crash.

While at the Emmy podium, Mr. Morgan recounted how a traumatic brain injury caused by the accident had left him comatose for eight days. He then lightened the moment by recounting that when he came out of the coma, he was happy to learn that he hadn't been the one to "mess up."

But Mr. Morgan's few minutes on the stage were merely part of a long period of recovery. Along with the brain injury, the accident left him with broken bones. And while he is a celebrity whose accident and recovery were well documented in the media, his situation is not unusual. Every year, far too many people suffer catastrophic injuries due to being involved in truck accidents.

As Mr. Morgan's accident demonstrates, truck accidents can leave victims in need of long-term care. Often recovery is just beginning after a victim leaves the hospital. Medical expenses for a hospital stay and rehabilitative care can place an incredible economic burden on any household. Further, the injuries can leave victims with permanent disabilities, meaning they could lose much, if not all, of their capacity to earn a living.

As such, it is extremely important for truck accident victims and their families to receive a level of compensation that helps alleviate the financial strain brought on by the accident. If you or a family member is injured in a truck accident, an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help you get the recompense you deserve and need.

Source: Gulf News, "Emmys 2015: Tracy Morgan welcomed at Emmys as he returns to TV after crash," Sept. 21, 2015

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