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What is negligence?


Many drivers in Texas have made a mistake on the road at one time or another. It is a terrifying experience as the slightest slip can have devastating consequences. Sadly, this happens all too often. While many accidents can be avoided if everyone on the road is paying attention, this does not always happen. People drive too fast or get distracted, so when something unexpected happens, they are not able to react in time.

Sadly, it is often innocent people who are harmed as a result. Not only other drivers, but also their passengers and even nearby pedestrians. The victims of such incidents may be seriously injured or worse. Afterward, they face hefty medical bills and expensive repairs, not to mention the trauma of their experience.

It is no surprise, considering this, that many are keen to take legal action, not only to seek justice, but also to reduce the financial burden of their injuries. However, while this is often a sensible step to take, it can be difficult to handle alone. Personal injury claims can take time and it is not always easy to prove the fault of the person responsible.

One of the ways this is determined, as this article on accident liability explains, is by proving that a driver was guilty of negligence. This is loosely defined as a failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care given the circumstances. This can include failing to signal, ignoring weather conditions, disregarding traffic signals and choosing to drive while intoxicated.

Of course, there are many other ways to prove liability and you do not need to handle the case alone. An attorney can evaluate the details of your case and may be able to help you pick out the details that are most likely to assist you in reaching a fair and favorable settlement.

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