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Motorcycle riders at greater risk of death

Road accidents in Texas are far more common than most would like to think. Sadly, it only takes a small error for disaster to strike and everyone on the road at the time is affected. For motorcyclists, this is a particularly dangerous problem. In a crash where someone in a car might have survived, motorcyclists are still at great risk of dying. According to statistics from this article on motorcycle accidents, the chance of a motorcyclist dying in a crash is about 26 times that of the same happening to someone in a car.

To make things worse, in many cases these accidents are not even the fault of the motorcyclist. As their small vehicles are often less visible on the roads, sometimes other drivers simply do not see them. Others fail to account for the effect their vehicle might have on a motorcycle, for example, if they turn quickly in front of them or suddenly brake in their path.

In other cases, the motorcycle might malfunction as the result of a manufacturer's error. Brakes may fail, the wheels may become misaligned and wobble, or other parts of the vehicle may fail unexpectedly. Similarly, poorly maintained roads can be a serious hazard for motorcyclists. Potholes, black ice and oil slicks can all be dangerous even to car drivers. This is even more the case for motorcycle riders.

If you are harmed in such an accident, you might wonder where you can turn. Whether you choose to claim compensation from those responsible, or seek a payout from your insurance provider, you do not have to face it alone. An attorney may be able to assist you with your claim and support you as you seek the remuneration you deserve.

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