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Stand up to negligent trucking companies

Truck accidents are disastrous for all concerned. Any other vehicles involved are likely to suffer extensive damages, while their occupants could be faced with serious injuries or worse. However, it is not only those external to the truck that suffer. Every year in Texas, truck drivers are harmed in accidents that are not their fault.

Sometimes these crashes are caused by other drivers. They move into a truck's blind spot, brake suddenly without leaving the truck time to react or even pull in front of them without accelerating away fast enough. Whatever the case, the consequences are usually dire. To make things worse, if anyone else is harmed, the truck driver is left with the burden of guilt, even if he or she was not to blame.

In other cases, these accidents are not the fault of anyone on the road. Occasionally, vehicles simply malfunction. Unfortunately, the results are often no less tragic. It is the responsibility of a trucking company to ensure that its vehicles are safe and well-maintained. However, many companies do not fulfill this obligation.

In other cases, the company may fail to notify the driver of the hazardous nature of a cargo, or may fail to provide adequate training. Once again, if something goes wrong the cost is high. This sort of negligence puts not only the driver at risk, but everyone sharing the road with him or her.

If you have been involved in such an incident, our page on truck accidents may have some of the advice you need. Whether you are a truck driver or another victim of the accident, it is important to pin down the reason for the crash and confront negligent truck companies if necessary. Only by doing this can you help to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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