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Stand up to negligent trucking companies

Truck accidents are disastrous for all concerned. Any other vehicles involved are likely to suffer extensive damages, while their occupants could be faced with serious injuries or worse. However, it is not only those external to the truck that suffer. Every year in Texas, truck drivers are harmed in accidents that are not their fault.

Can drunk drivers get their licenses back?

If you are involved in a DUI accident in Texas, the driver responsible may face the revocation or suspension of your driver's license. This in turn can have a significant impact on their daily life. They no longer have the freedom to travel about as they please and it may even prevent them from making important trips such as getting to work or going to buy groceries. However, they may not have lost their license forever.

Texas man killed in 2-vehicle crash

As most motorcyclists know, being involved in an accident can have extremely serious consequences. Lacking the protection of an external shell and often traveling at high speeds, motorcycles and their riders can suffer extensive damage if they become embroiled in a crash. Often, the motorcyclist suffers serious injuries or worse, yet for many motorcycle riders, the thrill is worth the risk.

Fatal accidents in Texas increasing year by year

It is no secret that accidents are a common occurrence on the roads of Texas. Roads are regularly closed so cleanup crews can remove the debris while emergency medical personnel treat the injured and transport people to hospitals. However, something that many Texans may be unaware of is the fact that the frequency of these accidents is increasing. Furthermore, the number of fatal accidents that occur annually also appears to be climbing.

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