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Motorcyclist dead after car fails to yield

Riding a motorcycle is an awesome experience. You’re out in the open air, enjoying the scenery from a perspective that a car just can’t offer. But the things that make motorcycles so enjoyable are the same things that make them so dangerous. You’re completely exposed to the elements, and, even with protective gear like helmets, a meeting with the unforgiving pavement often spells disaster for the rider. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to the inattentiveness or unawareness of passenger cars, whose drivers often show an unwillingness to share the road.

A tragic motorcycle accident in late June in Texas put an exclamation point on this fact. A motorcyclist was headed north on a road in McKinney and proceeded through an intersection, as was his right. That’s when a Chevy Tahoe failed to yield to the motorcycle and entered the intersection, plowing into the bike. The driver of the motorcycle was killed instantly. The driver of the Tahoe was not injured in the crash.

Police are conducting an investigation into the incident, but have not released details about whether the Tahoe’s driver was driving under the influence or distracted at the time of the accident.

In fatal accidents like these, the devastated family is often left with funeral costs to bury their loved ones. Even when no one is killed, medical expenses and lost wages usually cause a major problem for the victims. Insurance companies and negligent drivers often do all they can to avoid responsibility for the damage. When that happens, victims may need an advocate to protect their rights. A Texas attorney can take a detailed look at the accident and may be able to fight for compensation.

Source:, “McKinney Police and Fire Department respond to traffic accident fatality,” July 1, 2014

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