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June 2014 Archives

Children injured riding atop car of allegedly intoxicated woman

Sometimes in Texas, you come across traffic incidents that just make you scratch your head. More often than not, they involve intoxicated drivers doing foolish and dangerous things that no reasonable person would ever do. The resulting drunk driving accidents are often tragic and sometimes involve innocent victims.

Authorities looking into truck safety after comedian's crash

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably seen the headlines that comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was involved in a severe accident. According to reports, the driver of a semi truck didn’t see that traffic ahead of him had slowed. When he noticed, it was too late. He swerved, but still ended up rear ending Morgan’s limo, which ultimately landed on its side.

Impaired driving not the only type of negligent driving

There's a common misconception out there about car accidents and lawsuits. Many whose loved ones died in a motor vehicle accident here in Texas may think that the only winnable cases are ones involving drunk driving or other impairing substances. Because of this, they sit on the sidelines and suffer alone, footing the bill for medical costs, funeral expenses and the loss of wages that can accompany the death of a family member.

Texas pleads with motorists to watch out for motorcycles

In this beautiful summer weather, motorcyclists are out en masse enjoying the roads, but it only takes one second to turn an enjoyable excursion into a catastrophic tragedy. So, this year, the Texas Department of Transportation is putting a special emphasis on bringing motorcycle accidents down to a minimum. Through a new campaign, they are urging motorists to take a few extra steps to make the highways a safer place for everyone.

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