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Texas police arrest senator for suspected drunk driving

It’s a sad fact that people die needlessly. It’s also a sad fact that drunk driving accidents take lives indiscriminately—there’s no accounting for age, sex or social status. By the same token, drunk drivers come in all forms—young, old, rich or poor, getting behind the wheel while intoxicated seems to have no social boundaries.

Responding to a call from another Texas driver, the Howe Police Department caught up with the suspected drunk driver on Interstate 75 and observed that the man was, in their estimation, driving erratically. While conducting the field sobriety check, police said the man, a state senator from Oklahoma, was unable to keep his balance and failed the tests.

Transporting the senator to the hospital, police then got his consent to take a blood toxicology test at which point they placed him under arrest and a $1,500 bail was set. The senator—who is nearing the end of his term—posted the bail later that day.

Ironically, this same senator helped author a bill that would make the penalties harsher for anyone caught driving under the influence.

Luckily, in this case, the drunk driver was caught before his negligence could inflict serious injuries, or even death, on anyone else. To the countless victims of intoxicated drivers that’s a victory.

If you or a loved one has been affected by a drunk driving accident, you should know that you can fight back. A Texas attorney may be able to conduct her own investigation of the crash and determine if there was negligence involved. If so, she may be able to get you compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages and the pain and suffering tragedies like these bring about. 

Source:, “Oklahoma state senator arrested in Texas on drunken driving complaint,” May 17, 2014

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