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Texas man arrested after fatal road rage incident

When someone causes a crash that takes a person’s life, there are two ways to seek justice; the criminal courts and the civil courts. Criminal courts determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant and sentence him or her to fines, probation or jail time. What it doesn’t do is offer any compensation to the loved ones of the victim.

That’s where the civil courts come in. In the case of a fatal accident, the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit and try to recover medical expenses or secure punitive damages. The two courts are not dependent on one another. Just because a criminal case fails — or there were no criminal charges — doesn’t mean a civil case can’t go forward.

Two Texas families might be considering such a suit after a tragic accident took the lives of their sons in Murphy. Police and witnesses are saying the crash was related to road rage. The driver of a Mitsubishi and the driver and two passengers of a Nissan were alleged to have been weaving recklessly through traffic at high speeds. When the Mitsubishi veered perilously close to the Nissan, the driver of the Nissan made a maneuver to get out of the way, losing control of the car in the process and careening off the road.

The driver of the Nissan and one passenger were killed and a third passenger was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Now, Texas police have charged the driver of the Mitsubishi with criminally negligent homicide among other offenses.

So, even though a criminal case will move forward, the families of the victims could seek out a Texas attorney to file a civil case against the alleged negligent driver.

Source:, “Police make arrest in Murphy crash that killed 2; road rage said to be cause,” May 21, 2014

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