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May 2014 Archives

Texas man arrested after fatal road rage incident

When someone causes a crash that takes a person’s life, there are two ways to seek justice; the criminal courts and the civil courts. Criminal courts determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant and sentence him or her to fines, probation or jail time. What it doesn’t do is offer any compensation to the loved ones of the victim.

Texas police arrest senator for suspected drunk driving

It’s a sad fact that people die needlessly. It’s also a sad fact that drunk driving accidents take lives indiscriminately—there’s no accounting for age, sex or social status. By the same token, drunk drivers come in all forms—young, old, rich or poor, getting behind the wheel while intoxicated seems to have no social boundaries.

Texas multiple-car accident leaves one woman dead

Five vehicles were recently involved in what is being called a wrong-way traffic crash in Texas. One woman died from injuries suffered in the accident. Five other people are reported to have been hurt due to this car accident. One of the individuals injured in the collision includes the driver of the van alleged to have caused the accident.

Texas truck accident and fire stalls traffic

Traffic near the Richardson-Plano border was stalled recently when a big rig was involved in an accident on U.S. Highway 75 in Texas. The truck accident involved only the one truck, but resulted in the truck catching on fire. When crews arrived they could not immediately find the driver, but then later discovered he had self-extricated. The oil being carried by the truck was cleaned up by crews and the process included having to dismantle the truck.

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