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Man injured in fiery hit-and-run accident in Houston

An ordinary drive across Houston has the potential to turn dangerous in a moment. Drivers on the road have more distractions than ever before, and negligent drivers cause car accidents everyday across the city. Unfortunately, many of these wrecks result in harm to innocent motorists and serious damage to their vehicles.

In southwest Houston, a man was the victim of a hit-and-run accident after a minivan collided with the rear end of his car. The impact sent the man's car off the road and crashing into a tree, at which point the vehicle caught fire. The man was able to escape from the wreck, and he was taken to a hospital for medical treatment. Meanwhile, the driver of the minivan fled the scene. As of April 5, police were still looking for the culprit.

Regrettably, similar accidents happen each day throughout Texas, leaving victims to find some resolution of their potentially devastating situation. Handling the many consequences that can arise from a serious car accident requires time, patience and money that may not be available to all victims. In addition to working with insurance companies, victims must obtain a new form of transportation, find a way to pay medical bills and deal with lost wages and missed time from work.

Insurance companies often fight claims in order to pay as little compensation as possible or avoid paying altogether. This state of affairs only adds to the sense of helplessness many victims feel. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is important for you to pursue your insurance claim as aggressively as possible, especially if the driver of another vehicle was uninsured or left the scene of an accident. 

Source: KHOU, "Police search for driver after hit-and-run accident in SW Houston," April 5, 2014

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