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Texas teen charged in motorcycle accident arrested again

Earlier this year, a retired police officer and his wife were riding a motorcycle when they were struck by a vehicle allegedly driven by an 18-year-old woman. The retired Houston officer was killed in the motorcycle accident while his wife, who is currently an officer, suffered injuries. The young woman police believe was responsible for the fatal crash was recently out of jail on bond when she was once again arrested. This time it was for drug paraphernalia possession.

Head-on crash in Texoma takes woman's life, injures 3 others

A recent head-on collision near the Texas-Oklahoma line is a sad reminder of how quickly an auto accident can change lives forever. According to police, a Jeep crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and collided head-on with an SUV. The crash sent three of the Jeep occupants to a hospital, and the woman driving the SUV died at the scene.

Man injured in fiery hit-and-run accident in Houston

An ordinary drive across Houston has the potential to turn dangerous in a moment. Drivers on the road have more distractions than ever before, and negligent drivers cause car accidents everyday across the city. Unfortunately, many of these wrecks result in harm to innocent motorists and serious damage to their vehicles.

Houston semi-truck crash takes life of SUV driver

Every day, motorists drive side-by-side with commercial semi-trucks on roads throughout Texas. Although many operators of these trucks are well-trained, responsible drivers, truck accidents still happen with devastating consequences. Unfortunately, occupants of passenger vehicles involved in these crashes often pay an immense physical price.

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