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Motorcyclist injured in Tyler after driver fails to yield

There’s nothing quite like the feel of riding a motorcycle. Whether it’s alone or with friends, riding a motorcycle is a great way to take a road trip or just get out and enjoy the day. Unfortunately, motorcycles also pose the risk of serious and potentially fatal injury to riders. Each year, a high number of people in Houston are killed in motorcycle accidents, and many of these are caused by negligence on the part of other drivers.

In Tyler, Texas, a motorcyclist was injured after a collision involving another vehicle. The accident occurred as a result of the automobile driver’s alleged failure to yield to the motorcyclist, who was approaching in oncoming traffic. The motorcycle struck the vehicle, leaving its rider in need of medical attention. The motorcyclist was taken to a hospital in town.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen with regularity. Drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles often have trouble seeing motorcyclists, and inattentive drivers can make costly errors with riders nearby. Because motorcyclists are not protected physically in the same way as drivers of other vehicles, they are more susceptible to serious injuries during a collision. These injuries can include life-altering damage to the head and spinal cord, and the medical bills associated with the injuries are costly.

After an accident, it is important that all parties involved, including the insurance companies, understand the nature of the incident. The details of a traffic investigation and other aspects of the accident are vital to ensure a suitable outcome is reached. Although riding a motorcycle offers plenty of enjoyment, riders and their families need to be prepared in case an accident occurs.

Source: KLTV, “Motorcyclist hospitalized after hit and run Saturday evening,” Feb. 9, 2014

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