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Erratic drivers may have suffered a medical emergency

Car accidents happen for lots of reason; some are truly accidents and may not have been avoidable. Other accidents are not really accidents at all and are pure negligence. They are completely avoidable and should never happen. However, when you get behind the wheel, you never know what may be happening inside the other vehicle and what circumstance could lead to a car accident.

You probably have seen cases on the streets and highways around Houston, where drivers are pushing the acceptable limits of the rules of the road. There are of course, the left-lane sitters, who move to the left lane and remain at the posted speed or maybe even slightly below, to "punish" drivers behind them who want to pass.

There are drivers who accelerate to prevent another vehicle from changing lanes or passing them. And you probably have witnessed vehicles playing high-speed hopscotch, leap-frogging each other, while dodging in and out of lanes.

Why is one driver operating their vehicle erratically? Should you take it on yourself to enforce the law and the rules of the road? No, if you see unsafe conduct on the road, alert the authorities via 911 and let them handle it.

Why? Because you are not authorized as a law enforcement officer, nor are you trained to deal with these situations. Last month, the unexpected occurred when man driving a pickup truck towing a large travel trailer suffered a stroke.

His vehicle crashed into other vehicles at an intersection, causing a chain reaction crash that eventually included 16 cars and trucks.

The accident resulted in six people needing to go to the hospital. The news report indicated that none of the injuries were serious and even the stroke victim was expect to recover.

Had his stroke occurred on a freeway or other high-speed road, the outcome could have been much worse.

Source:, "16 cars involved in chain-reaction wreck in west Houston," December 16, 2013

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