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Fatal Houston car accident driver fled accident scene

Car accidents are always unpredictable, but often foreseeable. Drunk driving is subject to so many penalties because well we may not know exactly where a drunk driver will crash and kill or injure innocent bystanders, we know that eventually it will happen. Houston police responded Monday night to a horrific crash on the southwest side of town.

A pickup truck had crashed into utility pole, leaving one passenger dead at the accident scene and another with injuries was transported to the hospital. The driver had fled the scene and police were looking for him. Some residents who lived in his trailer park suggested he might have been drinking. 

According to news reports, the pickup truck had involved in a car accident on Bellaire Boulevard and the driver speeding away caused the fatal accident when he crashed into the utility pole. Beer bottles were among the debris that surrounded the pickup truck after the crash.

Neighbors commented that it was "too close" to Christmas for such a tragic accident to occur. Sadly, the days around Christmas are often more dangerous, with congested roads, inpatient drivers and all too often, drivers who have been drinking.

And accidents breed more accidents, as gawkers on the freeway caused a second accident involving a car and a truck. The news story also reports that a Houston Police Department vehicle was struck by a car while the fatal accident was being investigated.

This time of year, it is even more important to maintain situational awareness, paying attention to the actions of other drivers and expecting the unexpected. Especially at night use heightened caution at intersections and treat other drivers as potentially unpredictable and intoxicated. 

Source:, "Police search for suspect who fled crash that killed passenger along Southwest Freeway," Malini Basu, December 23, 2013

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