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Complex Texas Thanksgiving Day crash trial begins

Most people do not have much experience with personal injury lawsuits. Once you have been in a truck or car accident, you suddenly begin to gain experience fast. What may surprise most people is the complexity necessary in a straightforward, two-car accident.

The two parties are represented by their attorneys and there are the two insurance companies, and those interests may not perfectly align. And there could be additional parties, such as the property owners of a parking lot, if some element, like poor maintenance, is a potential cause of the accident.

The Houston Chronicle this week that pre-trial hearings have begun in a case involving the 2012 Thanksgiving day truck and car accident that caused two deaths and left 100 people injured, when 140 cars and trucks crashed on the fog-shrouded I-10.

The complexity of such a trial is quite breathtaking. For any crash where a commercial truck is involved, the number of potential parties can rise exponentially. Because, when you see a semi-truck out on the road, there may be multiple parties who own a piece of the action.

The tractor may be owned by one entity and the trailer may be owned or leased by a separate entity. The load may have been negligently placed on the trailer by a different company.

The crash may be due to faulty maintenance of the truck, which may be performed by yet another company, or it could be a defective design or manufacturing of a party, involving yet different entity. Or was it the driver's negligence? Moreover, each of those parties will have their own insurance and attorneys.

In a case like the Thanksgiving crash, the complexity can be overwhelming. This is why it is important to have your own attorney representing your interests when such a complicated tornado of litigation begins, because no one else is going to bother to ensure your rights are protected and you receive compensation for your injuries due to the negligence of others.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Hearings begin in lawsuit over massive Thanksgiving wreck that injured 100," Heather Alexander, December 10, 2013

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