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December 2013 Archives

Fatal Houston car accident driver fled accident scene

Car accidents are always unpredictable, but often foreseeable. Drunk driving is subject to so many penalties because well we may not know exactly where a drunk driver will crash and kill or injure innocent bystanders, we know that eventually it will happen. Houston police responded Monday night to a horrific crash on the southwest side of town.

Texas woman killed, daughter injured as shoplifter runs red light

We’ve all heard stories about someone getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and making a reckless decision that leads to an accident. Whether it’s some choosing to drink and drive or speeding up to try to get through a yellow light, what can seem like a good decision can quickly turn bad, especially if those actions result in an accident.

Complex Texas Thanksgiving Day crash trial begins

Most people do not have much experience with personal injury lawsuits. Once you have been in a truck or car accident, you suddenly begin to gain experience fast. What may surprise most people is the complexity necessary in a straightforward, two-car accident.

Young Texas man victim of wrongful death while pushing vehicle?

We've all seen it before; someone behind a broken down vehicle, struggling to coerce the wheels to move just a little farther to either the shoulder of the road or a nearby parking lot. Moving a disabled vehicle to the side of the road is a safety mandate that most people strive to follow. Sadly, for one Texas man attempting to move a busted car to a safer location, this resulted in a fatal accident that cost him his life, and likely left his loved ones wondering if this was a wrongful death.

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