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Driving and selfishness of selfies

Repeatedly we see the dangers that driving brings. Even though the nightly news often tells of daily car accidents, because it is something most people in Houston do every day, and that Americans do to the tune of 3 trillion miles per year, we all grow too familiar with driving. Unfortunately, that familiarity causes many people to underestimate the risks.

We have all seen other drivers engaged in less than admirable conduct. Drivers eat, brush their hair, shave, put on makeup and of course, talk, texting and read their cellphones. Distracted driving is a growing problem, and as more drivers pick up the habit of never putting their cell phones down, the risk of car accidents involving other drivers keeps increasing. 

In addition to all of the other risks posed by distracted driving, a new and troubling trend has developed involving the use of the social media site Instagram. "Selfies" is the term applied to self-portraits taken with a cellphone and then posted via a social media service, like Instagram.

According to the Huffington Post, more than 3 million posts on Instagram were tagged with a hash tag that indicates the person was driving. These sorts of pictures are one more example of selfish, irresponsible activities that place other drivers at risk.

Taking your eyes off the road to open the Instagram app and aim the camera at yourself is enough time to rear end a car, hit a motorcycle during left turn or strike a child on a bicycle.

Ask yourself if that's a price you would be willing to pay for that selfie?

Source: The Huffington Post, "People Who Take Selfies On Instagram While Driving Are The Worst People," Alexis Kleinman, October 31, 2013

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