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Are you prepared for Thanksgiving travel in Texas?

Another holiday is just around the corner, and some people may have even already begun traveling to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving. In order to get there, a lot of people will pack up the car and hit the road. Whether they are driving to the other side of Houston or all the way up into the panhandle, data shows that approximately 90 percent of individuals across the nation will travel by car.

While this statistic only describes the most popular mode of transportation, it is probably safe to assume that this may also mean an increase in overall traffic around the holiday. People also drive longer distances to visit family and friends -- 600 miles on average according to the same report. It wouldn't be a surprise to learn that the risk for being involved in a car accident could increase under these conditions. 

So how can drivers protect themselves as they hit the roads this holiday? One way is to make sure that their vehicle has been properly maintained. For instance, tires with adequate inflation and tread can help a driver maintain better control should they have to unexpectedly swerve, drive through rain or stop quickly.

Other preventative maintenance can help keep the passengers in your car and others on the road safe. How? Take having enough windshield wiper fluid and good wiper blades as an example. Being able to see clearly through the windshield is probably a good thing, isn’t it?

Sadly, not everyone properly maintains their vehicle or makes the smartest decisions. Some people may choose to stay up late and then get behind the wheel of a car the next day, after eating a big meal with a turkey full of tryptophan and a couple glasses of wine.

When these less-than-safe individuals cause harm to others, they may have to answer for their negligence through a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Nearly 40 Million People Will Hit the Road Over Thanksgiving – Car Maintenance and Safety Should Be a Key Consideration,” Nov. 20, 2013 

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