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"She should not have been driving"

In perhaps a massive understatement, the driver of a car that struck a Houston Police Department (HPD) patrol car, told officers that she had been at a bar and was drinking alcoholic beverages, and that "She should not have been driving."

She was charged with intoxication manslaughter after the car accident, where she crashed into the police vehicle and caused the ejection and death of another woman who, ironically, had been picked up by the HPD and taken into custody for her own protection. She was in the back seat of the police car when it was hit by the intoxicated driver of a Chevy Cobalt. 

She had been handcuffed, but the officer had not fastened her seat belt, which according to the ABC news story, is a violation of HPD policy. She was thrown from the police car and it was unclear of the extent of her injuries that led to her death.

Much modern safety technology used in motor vehicles is designed to keep drivers and occupants inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle during an accident, as ejection is often the cause of death in a car accident.

This is due to the physics of an accident where a victim is traveling at the same speed as the vehicle and when they are ejected, they are at risk of striking the ground or other objects that that speed.

Seat belts, airbags and better window glass is all design to prevent ejections. It possible that the deceased woman's survivors will bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the HPD for their negligence in failing to properly follow policy.

Source: ABC News, "Houston Woman Thrown from Police Car Was Not Wearing Seatbelt," Liz Fields, October 3, 2013

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